Monday, September 21, 2020

Someone in New Zealand’s parliament called Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern a “stupid little girl”. This has led to an extraordinary stoush in the country’s corridors of power.

During a heated debate in the house this month, Speaker Trevor Mallard halted proceedings demanding an apology from whichever member in the opposition benches had made a “very sexist remark”.

The only way we will rid of this useless COL, is to continually point out their stupid decisions and the  wasting of taxpayers money.

vote them all out at the next election.


Hypocrisy From Cindy

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Comment Of The Year

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Broken Promises

Electric Vehicles

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Green Investment Fund

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One Billion Trees

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Strong Economy

“This government is committed to building a strong economy” Failed to deliver.


“This Government is committed to major investments in housing, health, education, police, and infrastructure.”

Make Ardern Go Away' hats make a comeback on Trade Me

Red caps with the words “Make Ardern Go Away” written across them are being sold on Trade Me again following the seller’s account being previously suspended.

The “MAGA” hats are the same style as Donald Trump’s campaign cap, with the words branded in white “Make America Great Again”.

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