Thursday, June 1, 2023


Launched in January 2020, MAGA is a way of trying to get balance to the media bullshit constantly being foisted on the uninformed public of New Zealand.
I launched the increasingly popular blog, You Stupid Boy,, in April 2019. This was my attempt to bring a different viewpoint to that offered in the blogosphere of New Zealand. I am not affiliated with any New Zealand political party.
With the slow erosion of free speech, censorship and growing government control of our daily lives, I thought it was time to fight back against the onset of tyranny and corruption in our government. Maga is an off shoot of YSB. You can read the comments here and go to YSB. Whether you agree or disagree with the comments, you are welcome to voice your opinions at YSB.
Freedom of speech is too important to not have your say.